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Delivering Measurable Improvements while Achieving Highest Client satisfaction Scores - Core Values

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One of these days our webmaster will build us a flashy site but until then we would rather focus on our clients......

We serve the Manufacturing (Agriculture, Consumer and Industrial), Technology and the Engineering Sector with strong capabilities in Interim Executive Management, Turnarounds, Debt and Equity position improvements, Channel Growth, Post Merger Integration and Cost Optimization.

Our Capabilities - Financial Merger and Post Merger Analysis, Strategy Formulation and Execution; Channel Growth Planning; New Product Launches; Operational and Supply Chain Strategy Formulation and Execution ; Financial and Channel Improvements and associated Technology enablement.

We picked these areas since every Global and National company needs help in these areas and our team has worked on hundreds of engagements and has a combined experience base of 150 years in
the Sectors.

We help our clients develop actionable strategic insights and implementation of cutting edge methods that is helping corporations gain demonstrated returns on their capital and operating expenditures in rapid fashion.

We utilize repeatable frameworks and advanced analytics to drive Rapid and Measurable Returns.

Our clients were asking for Focused, Industry Knowledge based consulting work that would deliver measurable and rapid ROI.

Additionally, our clients needed help in improving their Processes; Human Factors engagement coupled with the appropriate amount of
technology enablement.

We founded this firm after many years of leading practices at global and regional firms and watching the evolution of the global firms becoming too focused on their own share price, presenting diluted capabilities and the regional firms (the wannabe's) just trying to emulate the larger ones in their quest to become nationally known.

EVM Partners is exclusivey focused on delivering seasoned Industry driven consulting capabilities with offices in the US and India.

Our founding members have been involved in building services businesses several times in the past and have now decided to launch a firm that is focused on Delivering Sustainable Improvements.




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