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Delivering Measurable Improvements while Achieving Highest Client satisfaction Scores - Core Values


Do you believe that your Debt and Equity positions need to be studied?

Do you believe that your company can globalize?

Do you believe that your capital structure is incorrect?

Do you believe that your New Product launches are taking longer than it should and misses the target market?

Do you believe that your COGS spend is higher than normal and shows a constant upward trajectory?

Is your Extended Supply Chain delivering sustained value?

Are you extracting the best value from your channel partners data?

If you answered "Yes" or "Hmmm.. I wonder" to any of the above, email us for our Unique Industry driven perspectives

Additionally, check out the book titled " The Equation 2 Globalization" and "Supply Chains Unshackled"  written by Sumantra Sengupta, Managing Director (Los Angeles Office) available on Amazon.com 

 For more information about how to engage with us, please email us at
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